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As Pete and I enjoyed many experiance in Spain, I thought you know nightlife in recent weeks - as you know, it's so fucking hot here, not get out of our keez regular fuck bunny, but Pete took this woman a villa, air conditioned and had a nice bar - so Pete reserved for an afternoon session, she said she had two of them, which was great - he did not expect a very young, and to be honest I backwards, fuck kids do not know keez - but I was sure the girl was 18, and matched her identity and photo ever. I did not take the womans name - who was in South America Brazil robably - a very nice body with keez size 36D tits with half-inch nipples, I love big nipples - hope is always good and play well with your cock when Tit. Pete, as always, begins in the first place is worth a shit, so I'm a freebie, and choose a woman who leaves me with the girls, it soon became clear that they are outside the sex, and took myGallo started licking the head as he pulled my foreskin coock back, then took the whole dick in her throat, he did not expect, shaking his head back and forth, now I have so far always ready to come, and I do not I'm the funny side yet, so I pulled out and went back to bed, she is an expert on condoms and loaded and was keez in two shakes, now I have a lot to fuck wants to play so here I use this piece of a girl Fanny and a tight little anus, which I have explored the language before fingering her pussy in search of magical place, so do all the right noises, hung fuck all, but it is funny, then it seemed magical place where I was coming to a sudden movement of my body and then confirmed the tongue and fingers, it was just because he was serious about the noise and began to have early signs of your liking, then I slid my cock in your light body rose to greet me, and I could feel like they come from, again, yes, she keez calledYes, yes, I love when that happens, I take and I said, curled up in bed, now I was straddling her little tits move with impulse, could not hold out much longer and I shot my luck the condom when I arrived on her hips as she filled my penis as hard as she was holding, which was in the shit until I had her orgasm following. Pete had now moved with his ass beat like a womans and well- s I keez went to the womans breasts feel and tweek your nipple between your thumb and index finger, which made them hard, and I knew I had to aspire keez to, after Pete had finished with them, she was fine, Pete Stop talking for a break, enchanting, I said - Grab your beautiful cock pussy, said the exchange between now and Pete and retired from the womans ass, remained as it was, but I give it to the back so I could have those tits, tweeking them, so it was difficult for me to suck and play hard with both hands, I know that possible, but I felt that was out in the milk, keez and of course I love real milk, we had one of the women in town who would offer her tits to milk when it was difficult even for the money, usually once a month, Pete and I use to do what you hope and a fumble called a tit and one or two fingers between her legs, from time to time Pete and I have a quick fuck tit a straw, all for 30 €. Anyway I digress, Pete is bound to the girl back to bwed lifted her leg and kicked her and held her in this keez way before he turned back keez and both legs and was fucking her from a kneeling position, or so it seemed, was the woman of today gives me a good masturbation, sucking her tits, she had the habit of thumb rubbed my penis semen before, when he was right, he retired, condoms, he said, and pulled one of his camp beside the bed and put them on, now I had the opportunity to meet their blows ass prepared by Petes, the hole was too large, but are so delicious that was in her pussy was still wet and hungry for the typing of soft Pete was a right keez fucking now, if I had the feeling of all - I held back and took both breasts before dipping into, but this woman was a student and grabbed my cock and rode me to climax, you are spoiled for me a nice blow job, with each drop down. Pete was now his fate and even the girl was cleaning the tail and sometimes the entire company in a deep throat action. We showered and we had drinks at the bar, she asked if he enjoyed it, now, how can you say no. was one of the best sessions we have, and I think it will mean deep throat, that come to the village
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